Echoes of Home

Home represents a primal yearning for an inner place in which one may dwell in safety. Nobuya Yamaguchi, who was born in Tokyo in 1963 and has lived in Israel since 1990, has been preoccupied with the meaning of “home” throughout his artistic career, and specifically now, at a point when he has spent equal parts of his life in Japan and in Israel.

The question of belonging, that has shadowed Yamaguchi like a muffled echo, now rises to the surface, raising additional questions with it: Where is one’s real home? In Japan, his parents no longer live at home, while in Israel, the children have grown and left the nest. Like a living, breathing organism, the house shrinks and expands, alternately filling and emptying in the course of life. 

Tivon galley for contemporary Israeli Art. 2018, Curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi

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