Musical sculptures


becoming light 2021
This big Japanese temple bell is called bonsho. I grew up in Tokyo, one of the most crowded and busiest city. But even in such a noisy city when I visit the temple and listen to the sound of the bell, I feel a moment of peace and harmony is penetrating my body.   I cut out the shape of a person as the gate of light coming out from inside the bell. Slowly the shape of a person becoming light itself. like deep breathing, in and out.

Empty piano. 2018
an empty grand piano made of rusty steel is suspended in the space (Empty Piano). The sounds heard do not emanate from its keys, but rather from the music box which invites the viewer’s imagination to sail away on its sound waves.

empty house iron forge. & music box 60cnt height x 20 with 20 deep 2019

morning conversation 2019 iron . stainless music box. 2m x 1m x 7 cent

stairs of dream. 2019 iron & LED infinity mirror 190 x 130 x160 cent
stairs of dream inside with infinity mirror & LED

five elements .1992 sand. forged iron. stone. water. sound. 3m x1m x 1m

musical sculpture garden

short video about musical garden

musical sculpture garden in holon 2019

each sculpture has on musical element.

wood xylophone

Three chimes harmonize

harp stainless

musical sculpture garden for primaly school in Kfar yona. 2013

wood xylophone with ferrocement.

inside the sculpture there are three singing bowls children can play and
enjoy the echo
stone xylophone 2015
Talking tree. 2020 sound sculpture for primaly school in Tel Aviv