wall works

Release 2mx 1 m x 10 cent
During Corona time in October, my mother passed away after many years on the bed in Hospital. This stainless steel panel reminds me of the shape of the bed, her limited space of living.     
  Finally, she was released from her body and now she continues as light.
Ancient soul 2021. iron .plaster .Japanese paper.LED 140 x110 x 15 cent Ancient soul meets with a new body and bone again in this world.
detail of fetus. plaster sculpture is wrapped with Japanese paper.
Root 2009 . burned olive tree from the Carmel mountain forest big fire. 1998. iron .stainless
echoes of home. 2018 forged iron & music box 120 x70 x 20 cent
stream with water. 2009 . 200 x 50 x 20cent stainless. burned wood.
My storehouse has burned down, nothing hides the moonlight anymore. stainless steel ,burned wood 30 x 30 x 5 cent
Time traveler 2010. 100 diameter x 10mm forged iron.
Moon on the night water. 2006 forge iron & burned wood 120 x 120 x10 cent deep

Fly again 2009 . forged stainless . iron . burned wood from fire 1998 in ein hod

Just for a moment 2009. iron. stainless forged. burn wood. 120 x 70 x 15