Environmental sculptures

navel of earth. 2016 Nakanojo biennale .
Art biennale ein hod 1992 the circle of life. 6mX 12 m long the visitor can walk in the stone wall till the entrance. above your head, appear the square sky view.
becomes sound Nakanojo biennale 2018
when the wind pass, the bell ring in the forest.
the boy’s empty body makes resonance the sound together with the butterfly
Sumi Yamaguchi comes to Japan and we are connecting pieces send from Israel in Nakanojo studio.

2015 menashe forest festival. galley in the nature. two boys holding one bell.
eye of the earth. 1996 art biennale ein hod . forged iron. glass. there was a video monitor inside a sculpture. and it`s showing images of explosions’ of the atomic bombs from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. that was one of the most difficult experiences of earth.

after the art biennale in ein hod 1996, the sculpture was moved to a studio in the kibbutz ein Carmel. then I planted the ficus tree inside the sculpture. this photo was taken 2020 in front of studio Kibbutz ein Carmel

slowly but surely ,the iron sculpture return to the earth.